Acupuncture and Hormones

Acupuncture for Hormone Regulating

Many factors are involved in hormone balance. There are multiple interactions, which govern these biochemicals. Glandular release, receptor activation, liver toxins, and electrolyte absorption are all involved in regulating endocrine mechanisms.

Acupuncture is a great support for hormone regulation. Acupuncture is a self regulating process. This means that acupuncture does not work to ‘push’ the body to do anything that it does not have the capacity to do. With regular acupuncture treatments the body will regulate it’s endocrine functions, balancing and tonifying over time. Chinese herbs support the hormones without creating complications of ingesting hormones. With Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, the body can regulate it’s function and balance the endocrine system without any side effects.

Acupuncture and Hormones

Classically trained acupuncturists can feel certain hormone changes in the pulse.

Another way of testing hormones which enables the patient to observe improvement, is saliva testing.

Saliva Testing     

Saliva testing is a safe, effective, non-invasive and accurate way to diagnose women with hormone imbalances. It requires testing your saliva for hormone levels, and using herbs, whole food glandular supplements and acupuncture to balance your endocrine system.

This scientific process of saliva testing gives a more accurate assessment of hormone levels than blood plasma. Saliva tests measure ‘free’ hormone levels. ‘Free’ hormones are the active aspect of hormones, which is the tissue exposure to the hormones. This is diagnostically more significant than measuring the protein-bound inactive aspect in blood serum. Since ‘free’ hormones are found in the tissue, these levels measure the active and absorbed levels of hormones. When you know what hormones are active and absorbed you know what is being produced. This gives a complete picture of hormone activity for women with menstrual irregularities, fertility challenges and menopause.

The process of Saliva Testing

The process of taking saliva samples is simple. The patient receives a ‘kit’ of test tubes necessary for each chose saliva test. Directions for the time and frequency of sampling are specific for each kit, varying from 1 time a day to 4 in one day to every other day for 22 days in cases of infertility. All that is required in contributing saliva is that the patient spits enough saliva into each test tube. Each test tube is about 2 inches in height. The patient is required to spit into the test tube until it is ¾ full to close the test tube and to freeze it, which takes a short amount of time. After the test tube is frozen, and all collections of saliva are complete, the tests are shipped in the box supplied with the kit and by express mail to the lab for processing. Within a few days, lab tests are sent to the practitioner who can then decide which herbs or glandular supplements are best suited for the patient.

These supplements are taken for 3 months, after which a patient can be re-tested for changes in hormone balance.

All herbal supplements are Chinese herbs, based on Chinese principles of diagnosis and properties.

Glandular supplements are in the form of:
Whole desiccated glands, Protomorphogens, which are extracts of nucleic acids from the nucleus of the glands’ cell. The neucleic acid controls the function of the cell. Cytosol extracts are extracts from the cytoplasm of a cell. The cytoplasm contains the unique outputs of the cell and provides immediate relief. They are used in acute casese. Whole dessicated glands are also prescribed. The key to prescribing glandular supplements is to create balanced prescriptions for most harmonized synthesis of the glands. This provides endocrine cellular support and balance, which nourishes and stabilizes the endocrine system. By taking glandular substances for a period of time, the glands are supported and reminded of their function. The glands are given the opportunity to rejuvenate and repair. 3 to 6 months of supplementation is required for optimum support and revitalization. In this way, patients gain control of their health by enhancing their physical function. They are not reliant on substituting hormones as in HRT’s or bio-identical crèmes. The body restores it’s health. This frees up physical energy and enhances the immune system and enhances longevity.

Hormones tested

Progesterone levels, which are responsible for the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, are the first steroids to be tested in saliva samples. They remain stable under a wide range of handling conditions. They circulate in the blood at high levels, especially during the luteal phase and so they are easy to measure. This makes these numbers specifically significant in assessing ovarian function. Estradiol, which surges with the LH, mid-cycle phase is also measured well with saliva sampling. Testosterone, DHEA, LH and FSH are all significant hormone levels, which are tested with saliva samples. There are also separate tests for adrenal cortisol levels, resting insulin, food allergies, thyroid, bone markers, yeast panels and gastro-intestinal health.

Hormonal Imbalance?

Acupuncture is a great support for hormone regulation.

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