Natural cure for heart disease

Cure heart disease with Chinese herbs.

My personal experience with heart disease and Chinese medicine.

It all began 23 years ago as anxiety that eventually turned into panic attacks.  Years later manifested as a flacid heart valve.  After many visits to MD’s, stress tests and ekg’s the MD’s told me I was fine and that I could run a marathon. No lie.  In the mean time I’m experiencing shortness of breath on exertion, sharp stabbing pain in the chest, angina down the left arm, dizziness with slight exercise and occasional left side jaw pain.  Sounds like a heart attack right?  Possibly.  After MD’s wrote it off as anxiety, I pursued holistic treatments, chiropractic, homeopathy, reiki, yoga therapy, you name it I explored it in the mid 90’s into 2001.  None of these modalities or practitioners were able to properly find a diagnosis, though looking back I acknowledge they helped me prevent having a heart attack.  I felt like a walking time bomb for years and no one seemed to know what it was. Continue reading “Natural cure for heart disease” »