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Picture walking in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees, roots, obstacles, animals, rain, sunlight, and not knowing how to get to your destination. Feeling scared, confused, in separation and just reacting to every experience as it comes.

And then picture walking through the forest with a device that helps you understand where you are, why you are there, and the significance of every experience in your journey. By having such understanding you can learn from each experience, clearly understand what to work on and what needs to be let go so that you can find your own way to wherever you choose to go.

David is that device or source, a neutral guide which helps you find your way so you can live at your highest potential. It is rare to find someone so neutral, so connected, accurate, clear, so big picture and without ego that can help you understand and resolve any issue that comes up. I sometimes feel that I am getting away with something by being able to talk to him. David is the best kept secret and gift that I know on earth. People that have David in their lives definitely have an advantage over everybody else. I only introduce people to David that are awake and have decided to take action over their lives. I am sure David will each day more and more help guide the leaders of this world into making it a better place.

Adriana Rendon Ventura
Miami, FL Entrepreneur


I hope you always know how grateful I am for your wisdom, patience and support . I would not be the being I am today if not for you in my life.

Barbara M.
Boulder, CO Executive

When I first met David back in 1992, I realized he had something to offer me that I was searching for. I worked with David weekly for 6 months. During that time I was making $35K working in a job that was very unfullfilling to say the least. David answered so many of my questions about life, work, realtionships and spirituality. I had so many epifany’s during our sessions. When I was with him I no longer would feel depressed or hopeless. He presented a positive response to everything we discussed and lifted my spirit. Without ego or judgement. WIthin the first 3 months I left my job and became a private consultant. The first year in business I grossed $240K. I continued to work with David over the next few years and my income continued to grow. Not to mention the joy factor in my life. I retired from business the 5th year and pursued a career in Music. To this day I am happy and very satisfied with my life. I owe so much of this to David for his guidance and wisdom along the way. Thank you so much my freind.

Bruce A.
Troy, NY Entrepreneur

Wow!, I felt honored when David asked me to write back my experience with him as a mentor. My 5yr old son left this world after a 4 year fight against leukemia, I still remember my first conversation with David as I was totally devastated. From the first second I talked with David, I felt his energy, he helped me to see a bigger picture, guided me to better connect with my inner and outer universe. Not only during this process but David also helped me to visualize my divine path in this life, choosing love, light and positive intentions to help me guide my way on earth.
David, I have no words on how to express my gratitude to you. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you…

Carlos Lanuza
Chicago, IL Corporate Executive


I feel very fortunate to have David as resource in my life. After all of our coaching sessions I leave feeling refreshed and inspired. On one occasion I began our session in a very dark place, feeling sick, confused and wounded. By the end I was laughing and excited to face the rest of my evening, as if transformed into another person. I previously thought that pain and difficulty was necessary in a spiritual journey, but through David’s guidance I see that cultivating joy is the easiest path. He always manages to touch on key idea that I can resonate with and develop further with my own interpretations. I recommend David to anyone seeking inspiration and a positive perspective in their lives.

Kendra K.
Boulder, CO Entrepreneur

My wife had been working with David for a few months. Many times she mentioned to me that I should have a session with David. So one day I asked David if I could take one of my wifes sessions. David agreed. We spent an hour together and it felt like a week but in a very good way. Everything that David said in that hour blew me away. He actually didnt say much but when he did it seemed to reach so deep inside me. I made a second appointment for the following week. I had the same experience as the week before. Two weeks later I called David and told him my life changed so fast and dramatically. I feel it was a direct result of my two sessions with David. The day after our second session I was offered the CEO position of our company. I excepted the change and challenge and moved my family two weeks later to Los Angeles. My income was greatly increased and I can honestly say I did not see this coming. Something shifted in me during those two sessions with David that cleared the way for me to step into a more fulfilling and abundant life. I cant thank David enough. Its years later and I still call David when I feel blocked in my personnal and professional life.
I fully recommend David to anyone looking to advance themselve and thier life.

Derek W.
Los Angeles, CA

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