Coaching Testimonials

 I feel very fortunate to have David as resource in my life.  

After all of our coaching sessions I leave feeling refreshed and inspired.  On one occasion I began our session in a very dark place, feeling sick, confused and wounded.  By the end I was laughing and excited to face the rest of my evening,  
as if transformed into another person.  I previously thought that pain and difficulty was necessary in a spiritual journey, but through David’s guidance I see that cultivating joy is the easiest path.  He always manages to touch on key idea’s that I can resonate with and develop further with my own interpretations.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking inspiration and a positive perspective in their lives.  Kendra, Boulder CO
When I met David I was depressed and felt as though my life was going nowhere. I was earning 35K at my job and feeling stuck and limited.  After meeting with David weekly for a few months my life changed incredibly.  I eventually felt the strength and courage to leave my job and do some private consulting.  Little did I know that I was worth so much. My first consultant job was with Stanford Hospital at 250K for a 6 month contract. After 6 months I extended my contract for another year and took on other contracts as well.  I can honestly say if it wasnt for the coaching work with David I might still be in a dead end position working for the government.  I highly recommend David as a life, spiritual and motivational coach. He has a unique way of tying it all together.  Bruce, New York NY