Natural cure for heart disease

Cure heart disease with Chinese herbs.

My personal experience with heart disease and Chinese medicine.

It all began 23 years ago as anxiety that eventually turned into panic attacks.  Years later manifested as a flacid heart valve.  After many visits to MD’s, stress tests and ekg’s the MD’s told me I was fine and that I could run a marathon. No lie.  In the mean time I’m experiencing shortness of breath on exertion, sharp stabbing pain in the chest, angina down the left arm, dizziness with slight exercise and occasional left side jaw pain.  Sounds like a heart attack right?  Possibly.  After MD’s wrote it off as anxiety, I pursued holistic treatments, chiropractic, homeopathy, reiki, yoga therapy, you name it I explored it in the mid 90’s into 2001.  None of these modalities or practitioners were able to properly find a diagnosis, though looking back I acknowledge they helped me prevent having a heart attack.  I felt like a walking time bomb for years and no one seemed to know what it was.

After years of frustration and discomfort I found a Vietnamese Doctor practicing Oriental medicine in Bennington, Vermont.  His name is Dr. Quang VanNyguyen and I decided to try his medicine.  Two weeks earlier  I enrolled in Chinese Med School.  I figured I should give TCM a try since I was going to study and eventually practice the medicine myself.  After meeting Dr. Quang for the first time, he asked me to sit down next to him and take off my watch.  He placed 3 fingers on my left wrist for about 30 seconds, then my right wrist for 30 seconds.  All the time writing notes on a little note pad.  He stopped, look up at me and said “heart very sick.”   “heart very sick.”  “Would have major heart attack very soon.”  I looked back at him, not surprised at all after years of dealing with symptoms. I asked ” Am I going to have a heart attack?”  he replied, “no, would have had major heart attack if not come to see me, now me make you much better, no worry, I fix everything.”  I was relieved to say the least.  Dr. Quang went on to explain in great detail how this issue developed over many years and why it affected my heart and liver functions.  He told me exactly how he will fix the problem and repair any damage done to the heart valve and spare me a major surgery.  All this with only feeling my pulse for 2 minutes.  He went on to say, “take my herbs for 3 years and I will fix heart and make it better than it was before you had this problem.”  I told him I would have to think about it.  I needed to make a decision to trust him as a doctor and to trust that his herbs could actually cure me.  Or go back to my MD and face a surgery for heart valve replacement.  I decided I was willing to die or at least risk having a heart attack following this natural path.

I began seeing Dr. Quang VanNyguyen every two weeks for check ups and to receive a new batch of  herbs.  I had to boil herbs every other night and the process took 2 hours a night. It became a familiar ritual for the next 2 years.  After 1 month of taking the herbs I felt no more chest pain or shortness of breath. I was practically symptom free.  After 2 months I felt like a 20 year old again. I never realized how compromised my cardio was until I became symptom free.  I could run and exercise again after 6 years of fear that I would drop dead if I exerted myself too much.  I continued to see Dr. Quang for the next 2 years and did not miss a beat with his protocol.  I never missed an appointment and I did everything he suggested.  I was committed, focused and determined to cure myself naturally.  And I did.  It did not take 3 years as Dr. Quang predicted, it took only 2 years.  I have since gone to many other doctors over the past few years for check-ups.  None of these Doctors could find a trace of heart issues.  Of course they had no idea of the journey I was on for many years.

I continued with my education, graduated and became a licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of Oriental medicine.  I’ve been able to assist many patients with heart issues, some minor and some severe with great success.  I learned first hand how to treat heart disease using Chinese herbal medicine by curing myself and working with an incredible master from the Vietnam.  What I learned from going through this process with Dr. Quang is priceless.  Unfortunately the full power and scope of this medicine is not being taught in the Universities in the U.S.  Therefore many people suffering from heart issues may never get the chance to try Chinese Medicine since most universities advise that we refer heart issue patients to an MD.  And rightfully so, since most practitioners do not have the depth of experience with more serious cases.

Dave Fitch is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, living and practicing in Boulder, CO.  He owns two clinics in Boulder.  AcuSportsMed and Boulder Clinic of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. He can be reached at and 720-201-2449.


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