Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. Throughout history, people from various cultures have studied the gifts of nature thru the use of herbs.

Oriental people first started working with herbs to develop their longevity, as preventative medicine as well as to benefit their health and to resolve climactic issues of damp, cold, dryness, heat and wind. This went along with their thinking that we are healed by learning the secrets of nature and of life.

Today we use many of these same herbs for the same purpose. Chinese diagnosis is still based on climactic factors of wind, cold, heat, dry and damp along with too much of any of these or an imbalance therein.

Chinese herbs have many wonderful attributes. They can move out external symptoms of a cold, move and alleviate the pain and the stagnation from injury as well as build tissue and invigorate healing, soothe symptoms of digestive distress, build and tonify health in cases of deficiency and much more.

Herbal Medicine is an excellent tool when used in addition to acupuncture or alone.