David, Many thanks for the treatment!  The next day my ankle was a bit sore but today……it feels great!!   Iwas planning on running but decided to have one day pain free!  So, your magic worked and I would like to continue with a semi regular appointment schedule.

Dave, Ironman Legend, Boulder, CO


“Mary Ann is delightful and very good at explaining her approach to treatment. She is very professional and easy to work with. Very good listener and keeps good records of your condition and how you are responding to treatment. With a combination of acupuncture and herbs she helped me to lose weight and lower my cholesterol and feel healthier. I recommend her without reservations.” Alan H


I appreciate all you’ve done for my quads, calves and hamstrings during training this year.  My legs felt incredible.

Damien, Team Garmin. Boulder, CO


“I am writing to tell you thank you. My baby was breech and I wanted to let you know that we gave birth, natural and VBAC to a beautiful baby girl. I am so thankful for your acupuncture treatment and the lessons of the moxa sticks – your work matters!!  RK


David, Thank you so much. I have had sciatica for 10 years and after one treatment the pain is still gone after 6 months. Thanks again.

Mary from Los Gatos, CA


“I was a believer in acupuncture and Chinese herbs before I met MaryAnne, but I never had a practitioner who could articulate the treatment and healing process as well as MaryAnne does. She has treated me for several different issues and each time I have had excellent and sometimes spectacular results. SC


After 3 treatments, my right ankle feels stronger and is pain free for the first time in 2 years.
Thanks again David.
Diane, Actress from Santa Monica, CA


Thanks for working on my troubled shoulder. I can honestly say it works again.
Joe, Golf Pro from Ojai, CA


Hi David, I must tell you that the healing of my right leg and hip continues. As you know, I have had this pain for 18 years and one treatment with you corrected it. I can actually walk without pain.
Thank you, Thank you so much.
Joan from San Francisco, CA


David, Thanks for an amazing massage and a fantastic explanation of everything from meditation to “chi”.
Jenn, Talk Show host from NYC


Thanks David, my knee and hips feel more flexible and pain free from your treatments.
Dale, Pro Athlete, San Diego, CA


Thank you, your the greatest. My shoulder has full range of motion again after paining me for 12 years. Your a wonderful practitioner and massage therapist for the body and soul. Thanks again.
Mrs. C, Los Gatos, CA



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